felderman.12 Felderman Lawn & Garden, LLC has been a family owned business for 16 years serving the Tri-State Area, we are a very service oriented and diversified company. We stated as a basic FULLY INSURANCED, customer focused,  lawn mowing company. Providing service for businesses, condo associations, residential, and cemeteries. We strive to provide the highest quality of lawn maintenance, lawn services, landscaping & snow removal in the Tri-State area. As the demand for additional services were requested, Felderman Lawn & Garden, LLC expanded to take care of the needs of our clients, from the small jobs such as shrub trimming to bigger jobs of planting new shrub and flower beds as well as planting trees, sidewalks, borders, and Retaining walls. As the landscaping grew and expanded Felderman's added a greenhouse and a nursery, to be able to grow our own perennials and trees. Felderman Lawn & Garden ,LLC has truly become a "Year Round Company Provider". Felderman Lawn & Garden, LLC provides our clients with dependable, professional services at the most economical prices. Our goal is to provide the best quality services be it snow removal, new flower beds, lawn maintenance or landscaping that our customer could ask for. Felderman Lawn and Garden, LLC is a fully insured company, so if your looking for a Great Company to build that retaining wall, or sidewalk, or landscape with new flower, or shrub beds please give a call at 1-608-778-8578 or 1-608-778-4578